Check Out Manah’s July Blog Round-up!

A look at all the stories we published in the month of July 2022.

Check Out Manah’s July Blog Round-up!
Check Out Manah’s July Blog Round-up!

Here’s a glimpse of all the blogs published in the month of July on our blog.

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June Blog Roundup

Theme: Human resources

How HR Can Weed Out Mental Health Problems in The Workplace

Dos and Don’ts for Conducting Mental Health Awareness and Training Sessions at Work

Employee Satisfaction Surveys: Benefits and How to Get Them Right

How to Ensure the Wellbeing of your Frontline Employees

Addressing the Mental Health Challenges Women Face at Work

Theme: Leadership

The Role of Mental Health Advocates in the Workplace

How Startup Founders Can Break Bad News to Their Teams

A Guide to Mindful Leadership and its Benefits

Theme: Work culture

Everything You Need to Know about Setting up Peer Support Groups at Work

Why the Hybrid Work Model is a Win-Win for Employers and Employees

Theme: Mental health and wellbeing

Things to Avoid Saying to Someone With a Mental Health Challenge

Your Common Queries about Sleep Disorders Answered

Time-Saving Health and Wellness Hacks for Busy Corporate Workers

Tips for caregivers

Theme: Students’ mental health

Beyond relocation: Being away from parents in college hostel was not easy for me

Student Mental Health: How to Spot the Signs of Distress

Coming Out vs Fitting In: Mental Health and the LGBT Person in India

Theme: Employee Assistance Programmes

Understanding the Problems with Employee Assistance Programmes

Going Beyond EAPs: How to Make a Holistic Shift Towards Employee Wellness