Time-Saving Health and Wellness Hacks for Busy Corporate Workers

Starting a healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to be intimidating! Use these hacks to kickstart your wellness journey today.

Time-Saving Health and Wellness Hacks for Busy Corporate Workers
Time-Saving Health and Wellness Hacks for Busy Corporate Workers

Working a stressful full-time job and taking care of your health at the same time can be a bit of a juggle. There are more opportunities to eat unhealthy food, more excuses to quit the gym, and lose sight of your overall health goals. So let's simplify it. Here are a few tips that can help you build a healthy lifestyle that fits your busy time schedule.

Wellness Hacks for Busy Corporate Workers

Eat Healthy: This has been said multiple times. But it is a must. So, make things simple. Look for online fruits and vegetable suppliers to get them fresh and on time, and shopping time. Instead of instant noodles, try simple recipes like oats, corn flakes, boiled eggs, etc., which are nutritious and quick. Carry some fruit, nuts, and dry fruits to satisfy your ‘munch cravings’ for light snacks. When ordering or eating outside, go for healthy options like salads, baked fish or chicken. Try cooking on weekends for the next office days.

Hydrate All Day
Hydrate All Day

Hydrate All Day, Everyday: This is another important point which has been spoken in the past, but people always skip it. To keep yourself hydrated, the first step is to always carry a water bottle. Whether you are commuting for work, or going to the gym or the shops —always carry a bottle and take frequent sips!

If you don't like plain water, you can try fruit-infused water, juices, coconut water, etc. Water flavoring drops can help to make your water enjoyable. You can also go for mobile apps or smart water bottles that remind you to drink water at regular intervals.

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Workouts are Vital: For many people, it becomes challenging to get sufficient time for going to gym or a regular workout. But that can take a toll on your body. So, adapt some easy changes in your routine to maintain a healthy basal metabolic rate (BMR).

Say NO to lifts and use staircases at home and the office. When talking on the phone, don’t stick to your chair – use a wireless headphone and keep walking. After lunch, take a 5-10 minute walk. After working for 45–60 minutes, stand up or stroll for 2–3 minutes to improve blood circulation.

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Boost your Immunity: An enforced downtime due to health issues can be a costly affair. So, boost your immune system to avoid falling sick. Foods like yoghurt and miso soup are rich sources of probiotics and will enhance your immune function.

Having citrus fruit like oranges, sweet limes, etc. as snacks can lower the risk of infection. These fruits are rich in Vitamin C and help to speed up recovery from everyday illnesses.

What is Your Non-Negotiable? A lot of people forgo healthy habits during weekdays.  While it is okay to pause certain routines, rituals, and workouts, it is not okay to pause everything. Attending a meditation or yoga class at least once a week can reduce stress. Try to include at least a 15-30 minute workout plan in your routine to improve your mental and physical health and rejuvenate yourself. Also, meet or chat with near ones, or enjoy sports or other entertainment to reduce stress and boredom.

Take Your Supplements: It is sometimes difficult to get all essential nutrients through a regular diet. The deficiency of vitamins, minerals, microelements, and essential amino acids can mess with your sleep cycle, stress levels, anxiety, and metabolism. Depending on your specific health needs, one must include appropriate prescribed supplements in a daily diet. For example, a protein supplement can be beneficial for vegetarians and vegans. Speak to your doctor to identify these needs.

Get enough sleep during the night
Get enough sleep during the night

Sleep Well: Even if your diet fails or you feel lazy to exercise, prioritise your sleep. Getting enough sleep (7-8 hours at night) can drastically improve your overall quality of life. Use a smartphone with a sleep cycle app or a smart band to track your sleep. Avoid using your smartphone immediately before bedtime. If possible, have your dinner early, walk for 30 minutes, and then turn in.

Playing soothing music can help to calm down your nerves and make you sleep. If you have trouble fixing your sleep cycle right away, drink chamomile tea before bed.

Listen to Good Music: Music can do magic. Listening to good music while working or during mundane activities can increase your motivation and reduce distraction.

Stand More at Work: Research shows that prolonged periods of sitting can increase poor posture, obesity, and chronic pain. Standing at your desk, taking quick walking breaks, and having meetings while walking can reduce stress and improve blood pressure.

Take Steps Towards a Healthier You!

There are multiple ways to maintain good health with minimal effort and time. From preparing easy meals and reducing screen time, to having walking meetings and using a smart water bottle, simple hacks can improve the wellness of busy corporate workers.  

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