How to Build a Great Team at Work in 2022: 10 Tips and Ideas

Expert tips to build a great team. 12 ideas and tips to create a strong team at work for success and business growth.

How to Build a Great Team at Work in 2022: 10 Tips and Ideas
How to Build a Great Team at Work

Steve Jobs put it perfectly when he said, ‘great things in business are never done by one person'. A great team brings together people with diverse backgrounds and skillsets to achieve a common goal. Without great teams, many of the iconic brands we know today wouldn’t have existed. This is the reason why organisations are obsessed with building high-performing teams in every department.

However, this is easier said than done. A lot of business owners, leaders, and decision-makers fail at building great teams at work. That’s because they don’t have the right team-building insights. That’s also why Manah Wellness decided to share expert tips and ideas on building a great team at work in 2022.

Let’s start with our team-building guide!

Tips to build a great team at work

Below are 10 tips and ideas that are helping managers, leaders, and HRs in building strong teams at the workplace:

Actively groom leaders

Leadership traits don’t develop automatically; they need to be cultivated through training…even in the case of individuals with natural leadership skills. Modern organisations keep an eye on promising young talent that can take up crucial roles when the time comes. That’s what you should do too.

Focus on leadership from the very beginning by asking managers to train employees and monitor their progress. Delegate more responsibilities to promising ones so that they can be tested and trained accordingly.  

Train Employees
Train Employees

Hire culturally-fit people

Don’t just hire people to fill empty positions – that won’t help you build a great team. While taking interviews and vetting candidates, focus on identifying professionals who fit the company’s culture.

Employees who are not aligned with company values and ethos often find themselves struggling with company policies and find it hard to build professional bonds. Therefore, cultural hiring should be one of your mottos!

Invest in employee wellbeing assessments to bring more calmness and balance to the workplace.

Create a fair, merit-driven culture

Every employee brings unique skills to the table. Therefore, you must make sure that they are treated equally. Hence, emphasise on the contribution every team and individual makes, and back it up with a strongly merit-driven culture of rewards and growth opportunities.

Pro tip: Systematically eliminate bias at the team and organisational level since it can be a huge demotivator for people.  

Keep throwing challenges at them

Teams become more productive and collaborative when they are challenged in a positive work environment that does not condemn failure. This is why dynamic organisations keep giving their people challenging projects that allow them to take risks and find creative solutions.

Help people build their skills

No matter how experienced someone is, there is always scope to learn new skills or upgrade oneself. Hence, good leaders consistently make efforts to help their employees acquire new skills through formal or informal mentoring, workshops, corporate learning programmes, etc.

Also make sure to conduct regular performance reviews and employee feedback sessions. This will help you discover the skill-related needs of specific team members.

Help people build their skills
Help people build their skills

Learn everything about wellbeing support groups.

Communicate clearly

Regular and transparent communication is key to collaboration, teamwork, and efficiency. Open up communication channels that allow people to speak across functions and hierarchies. Also invest in tools that help you do this. Modern communication platforms like Slack and Basecamp are valuable in streamlining corporate communication and checking gaps.

Celebrate success, acknowledge failure

Everyone loves to get appreciated. Celebrate every major achievement with your team members, but also support them when they fail and help them to identify opportunities to do better the next time.

This is a must-do if your goal is to build great teams at the workplace. That’s because the duo boosts confidence and supports pivots.

Know each other
Know each other

Know each other

Without making efforts on team engagement and nurturing professional relationships, it is hard to build strong bonds at the workplace. Every month, make time for team activities to help everyone learn more about each other.

Nurturing professional relationships will also help your team members learn about the work style of their colleagues and the management approach of the seniors.

Learn about employee wellbeing retreats.

Motivate your team

Many times, teams face challenges while working on a project or fail to deliver on something important. The way you respond to such situations is very crucial for team building.

Focus on motivating your team members and let them know you are always there to support them. Perks and bonuses are also great ways to motivate specific team members to excel.  

Build team culture

A team’s culture is a shared set of goals, attitudes, and ideals. Teams work efficiently when they have a clear vision of what management wants them to deliver. Create a clear picture in the mind of your team members to help them achieve company and growth goals.

Build your organisation on the back of culture; everything else will follow.  

Build team culture
Build team culture

Build strong teams at work: Final thoughts

The above tips and ideas will help you in building a strong team at work in 2022. While pushing the agenda of a great team and higher performance, motivate your employees to focus on their wellbeing. This will also help them stay motivated and dedicated to the work.

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