Check Out Manah’s May Blog Round-up!

A quick glance at all the stories we published during the month of May.

Check Out Manah’s May Blog Round-up!
Manah’s May Blog Round-up

Here’s a glimpse of all the blogs published in the month of May 2022 by Manah Wellness. Are you enjoying these blogs? Do subscribe to the newsletter below so that you’re notified whenever we publish anything new. You can also follow us on LinkedIn and YouTube.

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May Blog Roundup

  1. On Leadership

A Leaders’ Guide to Preventing Groupthink and Cultivating a Diversity of Opinions

Tips for New Managers to Make a Great Impression

How to be a Good Mentor at Work

2. On Mental health

Self Care Hacks Tips for Employees

How to Overcome Awkwardness and Talk about Mental Health

Is Someone You Know Being Bullied at Work?

3. On Wellbeing

Ideas to Improve the Health and Wellness of Your Employees

How to Get Employees to Participate in Wellbeing Initiatives

4. On Pandemic

What is ‘Pandemic Brain’ and How Has it Affected Workers?

7 Post Pandemic Workplace Trends That Will Shape the Way We Work

5. On Stress

The Top Physical Symptoms of Work Stress and How to Deal with Them

How to Stop Using Alcohol to Deal with Work Pressure

Dealing with Microaggressions in the Workplace

6. On Focus

Tips To Avoid Distractions at Work and Stay Focused on "The Moment"

. On Health

Tips to Build an Effective Workplace Safety Training Programme

How to Encourage Your Team to Stay Healthy through Another Grueling Summer

8. For Employers

Emotional Cues to Look For When Hiring an Employee

A Guide to Improving Employee Satisfaction in 2022

Managing Introverted and Shy Employees at the Workplace

9. On Parenting

Parental Neglect and its Effect

Parents and Teachers Should Collaborate to Help a Child with a Learning Difficulty

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