Wellbeing: Basics and Best Practices

Use this simple, actionable guide to find out your current state of wellbeing and be at your best every day.

Wellbeing: Basics and Best Practices
Wellbeing Practices

Wellbeing has seeped into day-to-day conversation, especially since the pandemic. So much of our social communication begins and ends with good wishes for the other’s health and happiness – things like “I hope you are keeping well”, “Here’s wishing you well”, and so on.  But what does it really mean to “be well”?

The textbook definition of wellbeing from the World Health Organization is 'a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity'. This indicates a sense of growth and a positive state of being.

What is wellbeing?

Wellbeing is a multidimensional concept that applies both to physical and mental health and functioning. As the WHO definition says, it’s not about the mere absence of diseases or conditions. It’s about how often you fall sick, how well you recover from an ailment, and how you cope with and respond to the challenges you face.

In the emotional health context, your wellbeing is determined by things like whether you have a positive or negative outlook, how well are you able to cope with psychological stressors, how often you experience positive emotions and mood and your emotional wellbeing reflects how you think and feel about ourselves.

Also, since humans are social animals, our social wellbeing – how close we feel to the community and whether we feel accepted by society – are also critical. This can also be determined by how much our personal values, beliefs, lifestyles and traditions align with the existing social framework. The freedom we have to share and communicate our ideas, develop and sustain meaningful relationships with others may determine social wellbeing. The feeling of contributing to the society/community can also create a sense of social wellbeing.

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How to find out my state of wellbeing

Check the below list and see how many of these statements you agree with.

  • Have you been feeling pessimistic about the future?
  • Are there frequent times where you don't feel good about yourself?
  • Do you occasionally feel your heart racing, your chest tightening, knots in the stomach or feelings of restlessness?
  • Are you unable to enjoy simply being in the moment?
  • Do you feel like you are not useful or that you are not contributing to something significant?
Find your state of wellbeing
Find your state of wellbeing
  • Do you constantly find yourself feeling worked up or ‘on the edge’?
  • Do you find yourself disconnected with the people you used to feel close to?
  • Have you been feeling low on energy?
  • Do you find yourself not coping well?
  • Have you been feeling less confident or experiencing poor self-worth?
  • Do you feel unloved or unrecognised?
  • Haven’t felt cheerful in a while?

If you agreed with most of the above statements, then you might need to work on your wellbeing.

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How to enhance my wellbeing

Step 1: Acknowledge the existing strengths and positive aspects to focus on.

Step 2: Analyse your concerns. Find out what is bothering you. The more specific you are about this, the easier it will be for you to begin. Is there anything that is aggravating the situation?

Step 3: Create wellbeing goals. How can you make the best of your situation? What can realistically get better?

Enhance your wellbeing
Enhance your wellbeing

Step 4: Execute your action plan. What do you need to do to get better?

Step 5: Follow this wellbeing checklist every day

  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep
  • Get 15 minutes of exercise daily to boost your physical and mental health.
  • Follow a healthy and balanced diet
  • Practice meditation and mindfulness
  • Build a support system by speaking with at least one friend or loved one, or watching a video that has a positive influence on you.

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