7 Tips for Implementing Your Corporate Wellbeing Strategy

Use these tips to design and implement the optimal workplace wellbeing strategy.

7 Tips for Implementing Your Corporate Wellbeing Strategy
Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com / Unsplash

A well-being programme is a journey. It’s not something you implement once and forget; it’s a set of conscious and consistent long-term choices that you make as an employer.

But there are various challenges to implementing a wellbeing programme. As an HR leader, where do you begin? How do you ensure that your wellbeing programme targets the specific issues faced by your company or industry? What are the metrics you should be tracking? And what are the challenges you can expect to face along the way?  

To address all these questions, Dr. Ashwin Naik, founder, Manah Wellness, wrote a column for YourStory.com titled 'More on how to systematically implement a well-being programme at your organisation' with 7 key tips that HR leaders need to follow when setting up wellbeing initiatives.  

You can read that story here.  

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