Antara: Have a nice day, Eli!
E: Have a day, A!
A chuckles.

A: An odd way to phrase it, don’t you think E?
E: Maybe I want you to be okay with your day, even if it isn’t as ‘nice’?
A: That’s an interesting proposition.
E: However your day shapes up to be, I hope you navigate through it, in the ways that seem best to you. That’s my morning affirmation.
A nods.

A walks away thinking, “My day doesn’t have to be nice, and that’s okay too?

I write this as I journal through a prompt that reads “How did you feel whole today?” and I realized I didn’t have to be ‘happy’, nor was it a particularly ‘nice’ day. I’m allowed to feel whole from the not-so-great days too. And that, that was a liberating reminder.

'Ask yourself, “Is this contributing to my wholeness?” and if you’re having a bad day, it is.'
- Hugh MacKay, The Good Life