The power of personal development: Unlocking employee potential

The power of personal development: Unlocking employee potential

Every time you hire someone new, you are hiring a unique talent that stands out from the rest of the people. With a push in the right direction, every individual is capable of reaching their fullest potential. This article explores different ways for managers and employees to maximize their potential and grow along with the company.

People in the leadership can keep the door open and encourage employees to take calculated risks that will allow them to grow. Managers can also make sure to provide ongoing training and support. It helps in bridging the knowledge gaps and career gaps for different employees. Doing a need analysis with teams also helps a great deal in recognizing individual goals and where the company can provide them with an opportunity to intersect. 

Managers can also promote wellness practices within the company that have proved to have higher employee retention rates, increased productivity, and increased well-being of the employees. Promoting Employee Assistance Programs can be of great help for employees to seek socio-emotional support and have a safe and non-judgmental space to express themselves and for personal development. These programs often include support groups, listening circles, theme-based workshops, and webinars and are often celebrated by employees. 

Let us have a look at strategies that employees can use to unlock their potential.

Find your niche

Indeed, every task you do may not feel valuable at all times and it is completely natural to feel bored or tired of doing your job at times. Try to ask yourself what you are gaining from this experience. Find a sense of purpose that your job gives you that goes beyond financial security. Enquire within what part of your job you resonate with the most and how it has helped you in other areas of your life as well. For example, if your job requires you to deal with a lot of people, interact, and present, it means that your people skills are getting sharpened. It means that you are getting multiple opportunities to interact and understand people from various backgrounds and qualifications. This can come in handy while doing other tasks like hiring, training, or screening people for a certain role. 

Communicate your goals to your manager

If you want to optimize your potential, communication is the key factor. Talk about your specific goals to your Manager. It helps them create a pathway for you that can help you achieve your goals gradually. Talking about your goals with your peers, and managers also opens up various networks that can increase your chances of receiving opportunities in the future.

Do a S-W-O-T Analysis with your manager

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Strengths. It is a very effective tool to track your progress and recognize your growth and improvement areas. 

Sometimes people who are more experienced than you can tap into the things you cannot see for yourself and will help you with constructive feedback. That is why take some time off to do this exercise with your manager or supervisor. It not only benefits you personally but also helps the manager know where the company can optimize your talent and experience. 

Identify things outside of your comfort zone

There is nothing wrong with being comfortable with your role and the work you do but if you want to grow you need to focus on 2 things: Quality and quantity. If you have become comfortable and identified that this is what you want to do long-term, focus on getting better at it and learning newer ways of doing it. If you like taking risks and challenges and want to explore different roles within the company, talk to your supervisors and start by gradually trying out small tasks. 

Update your knowledge and skills regularly

Gone are the days when employees would continue to hold hierarchical positions and use outdated methods. In today’s dynamic and fast-paced corporate world, technology plays a huge role in a company’s evolution. You have endless options to take up new courses, brush up your existing skills, pick up new skills, and update your knowledge and skillset at all times. Learning helps you stay relevant and adapt better to changing times. You can use online platforms to earn an extra degree along with certification, watch videos, listen to informative podcasts, or be a part of knowledge-sharing forums that help you network. Neither work experience nor age is a barrier to learning. If you are sincere enough, you can pick up a new skill at any point in your life. 

Find a mentor

If you have the right mentor, you have found yourself one of the greatest resources. A mentor points you in the right direction, handholds when required, and provides valuable and unbiased feedback. Whenever you encounter a challenge/ rough patch, the mentor can also help you de-clutter and help you re-prioritize your goals. Find out if your company has a mentorship program that can assist you in your journey. If not, try to ask yourself what kind of a mentor you would like to have so that you can start your journey of seeking one.