‌‌I looked at an image in the mirror. It is a human figure of what I am seen as by the people around. But I walked a few steps closer, to the mirror and my self; and I asked: Who am I?

‌‌I like painting, I enjoy travelling, I also happen to be a life at the parties; but is that me? Am I the things I do? Can I be defined by aspects that I find interesting? It is a curious question to embark on. Our qualities, attitudes, preferences are like the branches of a tree. The aptitude as trunk and core beliefs can be seen as the roots. Regardless of whether there are fruits after flowers, a tree remains significant. Just like me, myself and my self.

‌‌The 'Self' will be defined differently by various theories and they all are right from the perspective they are seen. However, no one theory becomes an absolute truth. When one listens to their body, mind and soul there we find the depths that we cover. We get to know what my body needs in order to function well and stay healthy, what my strongly held beliefs are, what makes me happy, what brings about meaning in my life, what keeps my spirit alive, what is it that purifies what isn't held gladly? When we give an ear, things begin to speak. Listening is a key, and listening to one's own voice that beats within can help us to be.

‌‌Over the years of growing up, we go on a journey towards ourselves. We learn new things, we unlearn some and we relearn about ourselves and the world. I hear you; it can be tough, seen as impossible, difficult, challenging and heavy. Or, it could be intriguing, exciting, swift or evolving!

‌‌As you and I dive into the sea of 'self', let's know what all we are and what more to move towards. We can be kind, accepting and trusting of our self. We are allowed to let go and transform. We can shed and we can rise. But firstly, we need to be.