Sour Grapes

Sour Grapes
Photo by Howard Bouchevereau / Unsplash

I remember reading this story about a fox who tries to eat grapes from a vine but can’t reach them. He walks away, proclaiming that ‘the grapes are sour’. The moral of the story is that we often hate what we can’t have.

Foxes are supposed to be cunning and clever, right?

There is another way to look at this. He was disappointed, but he told himself that the fruit was not worth the effort. By doing so, he is making up for his dismay and choosing to move on. That chapter of his life is over. He’ll think twice before he ever tries to eat grapes from a vine again. This way he will be safeguarded against being cast down in the future as well.

When we are stuck in a similar situation, we must know when to call time of death and move on. There are somethings that are just not meant to be. Don’t hate it, just be smart enough to recognize that it isn’t going anywhere and it is time to pull the plug. Borrow a leaf from the fox’s tale.

Some of you might disagree with me. I am not asking anyone to give up on what they want. Just don’t get carried away to such an extent that it starts to affect you. If you feel that the fruit is worth the pressure and stress that you are putting yourself through, great. Hope you get what you want.

I have always found that there are more than a couple of ways to look at a story. The moral that the writer wants to impose will be pretty evident but if you dig around you can find other themes. In this story, the fox was thirsty (conflict) and he saw ripe grapes (solution).

But solving problems isn’t always straightforward and easy, and we have to learn to move on.

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