Free Office Reopening Checklist for HR Managers: Download Now

Download a free office reopening checklist that covers everything you should know before getting your colleagues back to work. Exclusively curated by Manah Wellness.

Free Office Reopening Checklist for HR Managers: Download Now
Photo by Israel Andrade / Unsplash

With a healthy dose of cautious optimism, most companies seem determined to reopen their offices in 2022. However, we are not out of the woods yet as far as the coronavirus is concerned, and Omicron and ‘Delmicron’ will surely be playing on HR leaders’ minds.

Many employers have circulated return-to-work checklists on employee workgroups and emails with the usual reminders: masking, hand sanitisation, and distancing. While these are all essential, your office reopening checklist must address the new risks and realities we are confronted with today.

For your convenience, Manah has put together a FREE return-to-work checklist for corporates. The detailed checklist enumerates all the aspects related to employee safety and mental and physical wellbeing, organisational culture, the role of leadership, and other factors to keep in mind during the back-to-office transition.

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