Motivational posters lettered as "Positive vibes only", "Work harder", “Just do it.” stifle how we may feel in the moment. When we hold back on how we truly feel, we tend to pile these feelings inside us. If you kept pushing paperwork to the edge of your desk, you would one day walk to a desk with no space for you to work anymore. The overbearing paperwork begins to irk you. In the process, you made more room for how you thought you should feel, rather than what felt honest to you.

The wallpaper on your phone, your desktop, your social media feed, tend to these sources being mindful of where you are at. You are allowed to feel less cheery than usual after a long day, you are allowed the rest. Perhaps, the next time you were to read a motivational quote that leaves you feeling confused, may you allow yourself to say

"Maybe I could use this another time, not today. Today, I honor how I feel now."

How does one begin to honor their feelings? Make space for rest, prioritize allowing yourself breaks, schedule time for an activity that grounds you, build relationships where you feel supported, curate your social media feed. Of the many suggestions, one could propose, the one that will perhaps make all the difference, may not be on the list at all. Ask yourself, “How can I be more okay with accepting how I feel, how can I support myself through this?”.

Motivation looks different for us all. Today, it could be finding the energy to walk your pet or perhaps, make breakfast. A motivational message should not make you feel the need to do more than what makes you feel safe.