Meeting Ourselves: How do I feel now?

Meeting Ourselves: How do I feel now?
Photo by Jordan Nix / Unsplash

I begin this by acknowledging that all of us may share a different relationship with yoga or any form of exercise. Our bodies may allow for a certain range of movement, and we are allowed to respect, offer kindness to our bodies, in all their capacities.

I am acutely aware of my privilege in that my body allows me to navigate yoga postures and I have continued to practise this over the years. It is a gentle reminder to hold space for that privilege, in doing so we liberate those we love from having to stick to a workout routine or a certain kind of workout that may not work for them.

This piece stems from an observation. My body felt particularly sore after a long weekday and I decided to try a yoga routine in an attempt to ease my body into relief. I do believe it is important to check in with the form of self-care you practise and if you have the space, energy to do so on any given day. Our practises of self-care are based on the premise that we try to nourish ourselves with as much compassion as we can afford at the moment.

My yoga routine began and I followed the instructor’s words. I realised how they emphasized how each posture had so many variations. If I could not touch my feet, I could touch my calves or my thighs, or perhaps, try to bend forward. When I found it difficult to work into a posture, I was offered a variation that was easier on my body.

‘I cannot do this.’
‘Do you have the space to do this? Perhaps, you could work through it, like this? ’

Did the routine help ease the soreness I experienced? Yes, it did. However, it was through that practise I learnt how we are allowed to meet ourselves wherever we are. And that when we learn to respect the space (mental, physical, emotional and even, financial) we have, we are allowed to seek possibilities that respect that space we are in too.

Wherever you are today as you read this, however, you are feeling, I hope you hold space to acknowledge that experience, it is valid and allowed. May you feel heard, seen and valued by yourself, too.

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