The most moving message I have received from someone reads,
"Thank you for existing. Sending you love today."

I noticed how I am mindful of expressing gratitude when I receive acts of love and kindness. This message stunned in its simple expression of
"I love you for being. You do not have to do, you are, and that is enough."

I often look at my phone, a gadget that inevitably finds space in all of my bags, on my desk, in my room, and on my bed. How can I use this piece of technology to let someone know I hold immense love for them? Messages, are a savior if you are someone who finds it hard to call someone. The morning after I woke up to this, I choose to send this message to a few individuals to whom I am grateful. Expression of love cascades down, indeed.

This message was a reminder to ground myself in the simple existence of so many people who chose to express their love towards me. I think of so many faces who are unassumingly loving towards me. The kind man who helped me find the right bus to board, Didi who helped me get to my room and unpack, Bhaiya who asked me if I had breakfast after I moved in.

And then I am struck by the realization that love is often assumed to be bounded by actions. And perhaps, it transcends that. So, I allow myself to ask people how they're doing and thank them, for them 'being', and not what they do for me.

On the days when I have space and I am able to practise this, I find it in me to hold love for myself too. Even on the days, when I do not finish my to-do list or get through my chores. I am allowed to love myself, because I made it through today, in some capacity and well, I exist.

'To be loved means to be recognized as existing'
Thich Nhat Hahn