Blue shimmery rectangles of water. Pools frightened B, sprinklers did too. 7-year old B, wears a pink polka-dotted swimsuit and walked to the steps of the swimming pool. B tries to ignore her mother in the stands. A kind woman approaches B from the water and holds her hands out. Hands that reach out to support you can seem like claws when confronting situations that are colored by fear.

B's instructor allows her the space to explore what water feels like, B dangles her feet in the water. Two weeks in, B stands, a foot in, knee-deep in water and terrified at the prospect of wading any further.

“Underwater, everything is quieter”, B describes to her mother, 4 months from when she first began her classes. B learnt how to swim that year, she gathered the courage to look up at her beaming mother in the stands and held space for her own fear.

How, you may ask, does B remember this experience so vividly? Fear colors our experiences, having had the support to work through fear allows us to reclaim agency, changing how we see ourselves.

‘Please understand that the only reason I can speak so authoritatively about fear is that I know it so intimately’
Elizabeth Gilbert

May we hold space for our fear and allow ourselves to ask for support.