Cara asks her Dad.
C: Would you be thin, if you could, Dad?
C gently nudges at his belly.

D looks at his toddler and wonders how to approach this conversation.

D: Do you like your body, C?
C looks down at her clothes.
C looks up at Dad: I think so?

D: Are you sure?
C: But Dad, I heard F say no to pizza because she felt fat. F is my favorite person and F loves pizza.
D nods.

C: Is feeling fat, not okay?
D: It’s really cool that bodies are different sizes. Your body protects you, lets you play with your friends, and helps you do your favorite things. Maybe we could learn to be nice to our bodies, as they are?

D: That’s true. (she gives herself a hug)
D: Was F wrong, Dad?
D: It’s okay for F to feel that way, we need to let F work through that. We always ask for permission before we talk about someone else, C. Do you think there is anything else F would like?

D: Maybe F could use a hug and a reminder that she is amazing.
C nods and smiles.

Have honest conversations about bodies with children. Let them learn to engage in kinder conversations about body image.