Fostering mental health literacy in the workforce

Fostering mental health literacy in the workforce

The ideas of leadership and ideal workplaces have been evolving since time immemorial. A healthy and happy workplace is also a place where everyone has an equal opportunity to embrace their unique identities and make use of them in their work. Over the years the idea of Leadership has also changed and we see more leadership styles that encourage people to be more helpful, understanding, and inclusive.

It is said that work only occupies a quarter of your life but what we tend to miss is that the majority of the population across the globe spends approximately 40 hours a week working for a certain organization and employer. It also means that it tends to occupy a very important space in an individual’s life.

Undoubtedly when someone is going through any struggle or challenge, that stress can reflect and impact an individual’s performance and emotional state at work. What if our workplaces were equipped to provide them with emotional safety along with physical safety as well? What if there was a space within the organization where an individual could talk about their challenges and learn how to navigate better through them?

There are a couple of ways that organizations can implement to build literacy and awareness amongst their employees so that everyone can benefit from them.

Mental health awareness sessions

It is important to take into consideration that India has a very diverse set of cultural backgrounds and education systems across the country. Therefore it is possible that everyone’s understanding of Mental Health or mental health concerns may not be the same. For the same reason, it is crucial to provide accurate and scientific information to people so that there’s uniformity and structure. This information should also be provided in a way that everyone feels safeguarded and supported and not intimidated or scared. These awareness sessions can be conducted as a part of a webinar series, in-person talks, or through dedicated activities as well. 

Employee awareness programs

EAPs have become very popular in the last few years, especially in India. These programs aim at de-stigmatizing mental health struggles, spreading more awareness, and allowing people to learn how they can support themselves or someone they know in a better manner. These programs also assist employees in knowing what forms of help they can avail for example telephonic counseling, group therapy sessions, venting sessions, etc. Some organizations can also offer a dedicated helpline that you can reach out to and avail of mental health assistance. This is one of the best ways to ensure that your employees have some safety net within the organization if they ever need to reach out for help. 

First aid training sessions for mental health

When we talk about first aid, we only think of a first aid kid and a toolkit that has all the necessary equipment that can be used when a person is met with a physical injury. Now imagine if someone you know is having an emotional breakdown and needs help. What can you do in that situation? 

In situations like this, Mental Health First Aid comes into play. If someone is having a panic attack or is going through a breakdown at work, there are a set of things you can do to help them calm down. Mental Health First Aid training sessions teach about things to do and things to avoid in important situations like this.

It helps in equipping everyone with basic skills and techniques that can help you support someone and even yourself during a mental health emergency. This is a must for especially competitive and demanding fields like IT. Remember a skill developed never goes waste. You can learn more about the program here.  

Theme-based workshops

Workshops can be the most wholesome way to learn about something new. When only theory and information are presented to you, it can make it difficult to relate with or implement. But in a workshop, you can not only learn about theory but also get to be a part of activities where you can implement the learned skills, get on-the-spot feedback, and rectify mistakes if there are any. Workshops can be conducted around basic themes that can help you foster skills like active listening, conflict management at work, and self-care. Mental Health Professionals can guide you to think from a different perspective and initiate your journey of self-exploration through this. 

ACTS by Manah Wellness

Manah Wellness offers a specially curated program called ACTS, an abbreviation for

1. Assessments - to track your emotional states and thoughts to get a comprehensive understanding.

2. Content- that offers scientific and accurate information based on your emotional needs.

3. Tools- that can help you get equipped and navigate through challenging periods and

4. Skills that can be learned along the way to aid yourself and others at work.

Get in touch with us today to know more and sensitize your workforce about mental health.