''Do your squats!"

"Run those miles"

"Lift that weight"

‌‌Yeah, that's some workout hype right there. Its definitely cool and exciting to have these fitness victories. What's more? Fitness isn't limited to great shape, instead its how much strength the body gains.

‌‌When the pandemic started, life seemed like it would resume after 15 days of lockdown. However, it went on. One month into the constraints of the house, I began my fitness journey. It was solely 'home workout' as they termed it. No dumbbells, no machines. With sheer determination and joy I went ahead to celebrate a year of consistency. Amidst the sweaty days of killing it on the mat and rest/recovery days due to muscle swelling; the no-motivation days happened. At times I overcome the feeling, on other days I let it pass.

‌‌Fitness as a journey roots deeper into our mental health. From starting to maintaining to re-starting; everything involves cognitions, emotions and behavior.

‌‌Just as we listen to the sound of wind cutting through swiftly during jumping jacks, we also can lend an ear to our body. Our bodies have a way of reacting. Through sickness and health, the body reflects the functioning of our holistic existence. When we set fitness goals, it is ideal to take into consideration the physical, biological and mental health. Retaining the 'normal' and 'healthy' is a way forward. Yes, each one will have different targets and the speed with which one is comfortable. As we proceed challenging the limits, it is also important to be kind to our body. Fitness is forever, the fact and a motto continues to echo as I share these insights based on my fitness journey.

‌‌Major gains from a healthy lifestyle are at times visible in the form of muscles and on other occasions it is strength, feeling active, experiencing pleasant emotions, patience, perseverance, rising.‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌