15 tips to nurture your inner child for a fulfilling life

15 tips to nurture your inner child for a fulfilling life

A popular Hindi film ‘Dear Zindagi’ showcases how a person’s life evolves as she navigates through her life challenges with the help of therapy. Once she starts reconnecting with herself, she starts enjoying life and connecting with parts of herself that she was earlier unable to.

Connecting with your inner child somewhat feels like that. Healing your inner child means understanding your needs and fulfilling your unmet needs (i.e needs that were not fulfilled). Healing has a rippling effect in other important areas and it will showcase in your work too. 

All of us have our inner child. In the process of growing up and playing so many roles and responsibilities as an adult, it’s possible to lose touch with your needs as an inner child. But it’s never too late to reconnect with that part of yourself.

Here are a few tips that can allow you to live a more fulfilled life by connecting with your inner child. Feel free to customize them to suit your preferences. 

#1 Do what you ‘want to’ instead of what you ‘need to’ 

In today’s lifestyle, work occupies a significant part of your life so it is natural for priorities to change. But every once in a while, try to take some time out to do the things that you ‘feel’ like doing and not because you are ‘expected to do them’ as an adult. This can also help you maintain a healthy work-life balance. 

#2 Nurture your old hobbies

Hobbies that you had as a child be it painting, singing, playing, or cooking play a very important role in shaping who you are and defining you. Get in touch with them to find parts of yourself. 

#3 Connection over productivity

When you’re unwinding after a hectic week of work, choose an activity that you like doing and something that’s not result-oriented. Productivity is not the main motive here. The main purpose behind selecting the activity is to connect with your inner child.

#4 Art based therapy

Art-based therapeutic activities make use of multiple tools and formats. These activities can often include instruments, colors, natural elements, sounds, and arts and crafts. This is a great way to get in touch with your emotions via non-verbal means and channel your inner child.

#5 Meditate

The inner journey helps in processing and healing the unhealed parts of yourself. It can give answers and oftentimes pose questions that will lead you toward your answers. 

#6 Spending time in nature

Whenever possible, spend time amidst nature. The flowing water, the trees, the sand, and the mud, enable you to connect with your roots. Nature allows you to ground yourself resulting in unwinding and de-stressing. You can use all 5 senses when you’re present in nature and that’s the biggest strength of it.

#7 Focus on creating a safety net around you

Take your gut feeling seriously and have safety resources built around you. It is extremely important for you to take care of not just your physical but emotional safety as well. You can do this by creating a list of resources that can include your trusted friends/ family members, things, or activities that provide comfort to you like a reading book, working out, listening to calming music, or eating your favorite food.

#8 Playing with clay, sand, pebbles, leaves

Nature-related ingredients are often available in abundance. They are very helpful in grounding yourself and they can help boost your creativity, play, and imagination i.e. 3 things you used the most as a child. It’s a great way to relieve stress as well 

#9 Compassionate self-talk

Talk to yourself, as you would talk fondly with a child. Be gentle and loving towards yourself.

#10 Art Journals

Art journaling is a great tool that integrates both reflections along with usage of playful mediums. 

#11 Spend time with your loved ones

They can be your source of joy, safety, and comfort. They can also help you remind yourself how loved and wanted you are. Spending time with loved ones also strengthens your socio-emotional support.

#12 Celebrate yourself

There is nothing wrong with celebrating yourself. Your healing journey will be nurtured if you look at how far you have come. Small wins at work like a successful presentation, well-hosted meetings are indicators of your progress. Celebrate your strengths and how you have overcome challenging periods by doing the things that make you feel good about yourself. Remember that celebration is a gesture and it does not matter if it is a small gesture or a big one. 

#13 Revisit your childhood

Make sure you have enough support around you while you explore events in childhood that have made an impact on you. Oftentimes a therapist or your loved one can be of great help while you do it. 

#14 Forgive yourself

If you find yourself evaluating yourself all the time, being harsh dismissing your voice, or holding grudges against yourself, there may be a part that has not healed from something. Healing begins when you forgive yourself and acknowledge that making mistakes is a very human thing to do. 

#15 Write yourself a letter

This gesture can mean honoring yourself and befriending yourself the way you are. You can always come back to it when you find yourself in need of support and comfort in the future.

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