Manah Wellness Trains 100 Wellbeing Ambassadors and Champions to Support Workplace Mental Health

The 100 Wellbeing Ambassadors and Champions have been trained for Manah Wellness’s clients across India and Southeast Asia.

Manah Wellness Trains 100 Wellbeing Ambassadors and Champions to Support Workplace Mental Health
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January 12, 2022: Manah Wellness,  a leading provider of employee wellbeing services, today announced that it had completed the training of 100 Wellbeing Ambassadors and Champions. The milestone marks a boost for workplace mental health in the region, as these Ambassadors and Champions will cater to a cumulative workforce of ~20,000 people in India and Southeast Asia across varied sectors like investment banking, insurance, shipping, and real estate.

With workplace mental health in focus worldwide, progressive employers are responding proactively and sensitively to mental health issues among their employees. Manah’s Wellbeing Ambassador and Champion training programme was launched last year to support this very goal.

Dr Ashwin Naik, Co-founder, Manah Wellness, said, “Mental health ‘first responders’ help in closing the mental health treatment gap, which arises due to the lack of access to resources like psychiatrists, psychologists, or counsellors. In other cases, stigma prevents people from getting professional help. However, they would be more likely to open up to a colleague or friend. By training mental health Ambassadors and Champions within organisations, we are addressing that important gap.”

It is important to note that the Wellbeing Ambassadors and Champions trained by Manah do not diagnose disorders or prescribe medication. They identify, approach, and assist people in distress using science-backed tools and a humane touch, and direct them towards company-facilitated programmes or external medical experts with total confidentiality and sensitivity to the person’s needs.

The 5-month old programme launched by Manah Wellness has received a tremendous response from companies and HR leaders, who have implemented it for their colleagues as part of their larger employee wellbeing strategies.

Capt. Rajesh Unni, Founder & CEO, Synergy Marine Group said, “Most people struggling with mental health issues do not receive the help they need. And this can have long-lasting impacts on their lives. Therefore, having a communication link between people who need help with mental health issues, and those who can provide help or assistance is extremely critical.”

Manah Wellness’s wellbeing programmes are driven by its team of doctors and psychologists, who have extensive experience in delivering mental health and wellbeing solutions to top-tier employers in India and abroad.

More information on Manah’s Wellbeing Ambassador and Champion training programme can be found here:

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