Leadership and the Art of Dealing With Stress

Being a leader is tough. Here are some strategies to manage stress.

Leadership and the Art of Dealing With Stress

We present some smart strategies to deal with the psychological and emotional turbulence that come with occupying a leadership position in any sphere of life.

Focus on the root cause

Go beyond the immediate stimulus (e.g. a ghoulishly difficult sales target, an incompetent vendor, conflicts with colleagues) and try to identify the real issue (an inability to prioritise tasks, communication gaps, cultural issues, etc.). Conducting this analysis can be the first step towards addressing the problem.

Get help

Many senior executives feel isolated and ‘stuck’ in their suffering. The quick solution, then, is to reach out for help. Delegate more responsibilities and trust your colleagues to deliver results. Approach a mentor for advice. Make a work buddy whom you can reach out to for psychological first aid during a crisis. Remember: this means letting yourself be vulnerable and admitting that you need help, advice, or simply a sympathetic ear.

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Step back

Research shows that you’re more likely to take worse decisions when you’re overworked. Hence, if a situation seems too overwhelming, the best thing to do might be to take a temporary break. A mini-vacation can recharge your batteries, restore your productivity, and give you a new way of dealing with the issue.

Keep your health front-and-centre

Cultivate micro-habits that support physical and emotional well-being. Eating healthy, moving your body, practicing relaxation techniques, maintaining a daily journal and spending time with your family keeps you in a state of balance.

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