8 Workplace Wellness Initiatives You Can Launch in 2022: Download the Free Guide!

Download this free HR guide that will help you map out and plan your business's workplace wellbeing strategy for 2022.

8 Workplace Wellness Initiatives You Can Launch in 2022: Download the Free Guide!
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Stepping into 2022, ensuring workplace wellness is a critical priority for HR and business leaders. We know that the pandemic has been a rough time for workers. New research from McKinsey finds that the global 'Great Resignation' trend – employees quitting in droves to focus on their personal and professional priorities – is being driven by factors like unsustainable workloads, uncaring managers, inadequate compensation, and lack of career advancement potential.

At Manah Wellness, we have helped 50+ leading employers deal with barriers to workplace health and wellness, through a sensitive and science-backed approach to emotional wellbeing. We know how challenging it can be to build up a holistic wellness policy that addresses all your challenges at a personal and team level.

Hence, to make your job easier, we have put together a list of eight wellbeing initiatives that you can roll out at your workplace within a matter of days.

These 8 initiatives have been compiled in the form of a FREE 'mini guide' for HR managers and business leaders. From wellbeing assessments to one-on-one therapy, group support, wellness challenges, and a lot more, this guide will simplify your journey to become a sought-after employer in your industry.  

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